Smart Services
in your local convenience store!
Expand your services, earn new customers and extra income!

Benefits for your store
As a Clever point, you continue your normal daily activities. At the same time you serve consumers who use the services of Clever Point and
choose your store to be served.

Increase the daily visitors of your store.

Consumers select your store to pick up their parcels. This way you earn more visitors daily to your shop.

Commission per transaction

For every transaction, your business earns a small commission and increases the monthly revenue!

On-Line presence for your business

Promote your store through our platforms & Social Media. We will also run other campaigns for our partner stores.

Diversification from local competition.

Differ from your local competition by expanding your services and stand out in your local community and market.

Prerequisites to join
For the inclusion of a retail store in the Network there are four (4) mandatory requirements

Extended Operating Hours

Unique characteristic is the extended hours of
operation from early morning till late in the evening
and weekends

Πρόσβαση στο Internet & εκτυπωτής

All transactions are processed through our online –
real time platform, thus a PC access to the internet
and a printer for receipts is necessary.

Secure storage

To ensure the quality of Clever Point services, you
need a small storage space where parcels /
envelopes will be stored.

A BIG smile!

Customer Service is the key to success of
Cleverpoint. This is how we want all our Network
partners to feel and to serve the consumers with
their warmest smile!

Services you offer
By joining our network, you expand your services and you can provide added value to the consumers in order to visit your store.

Online Purchase Pick-Ups

Average time of transaction : 2′


Sending Envelopes & Parcels Globally

Average time of transaction : 5′


Parcel Returns

Average time of transaction : 2′

What our partners say
Check out what our partners think about Clever Point, the services they provide and the collaboration with our company.
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