Gain extra revenue
& increased footfall

By joining Clever Point network, you earn a commission for each transaction! Additionally, the daily footfall is increased and you attract new customers, creating opportunities for new sales.

Benefits for your store

By joining Clever Point network, you can enjoy multiple benefits and new opportunities for cross-sales and increasing your revenue!

Increased footfall, new customers

Consumers choose to be served by your store, giving you new opportunities for sales!

Commission for every transaction

For every transaction you process on behalf of Clever Point, you earn additional money!

Online Presence & Visibility

Through our websites and social media channels, as well as customized email campaigns for your store

Differentiation from Local Competition

Stand out from local competition and make customers in your neighborhood choose your stroe

Requirements for becoming a Clever Point

In order to provide high-quality services to consumers, there are some essential features your store must have to be eligible for our network.

Extended Operating Hours

From early morning to late at night, or even 24/7

Storage Space

For packages arriving at your store for delivery

A Warm Smile!

The most important thing is serving the customer!

Internet access and a printer

For the everyday operation

Services your offer as Clever Point

With Clever Point, you can expand your services and provide new solutions to your store’s visitors, becoming the new hot spot in your neighborhood!

Parcel pickup & delivery

Average transaction time : 1′

Sending parcels

Average transaction time : 3′

Parcel Returns

Average transaction time : 1′

Our partners testimonials

Find out what our partners have to say about the Clever Point services they have integrated into their stores, as well as their collaboration with our company.

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