Client's Questions

Clever Point is not a courier company!

It is a new service aiming to facilitate consumers when receiving their on-line purchases.

To accomplish that, consumers can choose any store from the Clever Point network to send their on-line purchases and then pick them up at a suitable time!

Indicatively, you would choose the Clever Point service for the following reasons:

  • Get rid of the anxiety waiting for the courier at your address
  • receive your parcel within hours that Courier companies do not operate (even on weekends)
  • keep your anonymity while receiving any purchases
  • you are not available when courier companies operate (ex. You work at night)
  • you don’t want to oblige anyone else to receive your parcel
  • you don’t wish any visits at tour place
  • you loose your parcel when left at communal places (ex. Apartment building)

Once we receive your parcel on your behalf from the courier, we will send you immediately to the mobile phone that you have declared, an informative SMS regarding the arrival of your parcel.

Via SMS we will send you your unique receipt code!

In your email, we will send you detailed instructions for your receipt, as well as information about the CleverPoint store that you chose.

All parcels we receive are stored in a safe place inside the Clever Point.

Anyone can pick up the parcel on your behalf but it is necessary to provide the One Time Password (OTP) we have sent you. The personal receipt code acts as a digital signature for your receipt!

By the time we receive your parcel, the process of picking up is really fast. Make sure you have your personal One Time Password (OTP) and the process will be completed within minutes.

Questions about our Network

At the moment our store network counts approximately 250+ locations. Most of them are located in urban areas (Athens, Thessaloniki, Patra, Volos etc.).

Our networks also expands in cities such as :Trikala, Larisa, Chalkida, Heraklion, Arta Rhodes, Xanthi, Serres and many more.

Clever Point stores are usually parking stations (e.g. Polis Park), Mini Markets, Gas stations, Flower Shops, Insurance agencies, Grocery stores, DVD Clubs, Western Union etc.

These stores operate in extended workhours.