Convenience and flexibility at your fingertips!

Clever Point is a network of convenience points, consisting of stores such as OPAP stores, Mini Markets, flower shops, gas stations, liquor stores, photocopy centers, etc., which operate on an extended schedule.

Through our network, we offer a range of services aimed at serving the consumer. Clever Points handle pickups & returns from eShops as well as parcel shipments to Greece and abroad, among others.

Clever Point is not a courier company.

Our services

Μέσα από το δίκτυο μας, έχεις την δυνατότητα να εξυπηρετηθείς για τις παραλαβές, τις επιστροφές των αγορών σου καθώς και την αποστολή δεμάτων, από ένα σημείο δίπλα σου!

Collect from e-Shops

Find the location that suits you and register your purchases to go there. We collect on your behalf, keep the package, and then you pick it up whenever it’s convenient for you!

Send Envelopes & Packages

Prepare your package online, visit the nearest point, and drop it off. We will take care of handing it over to a reliable partner of ours to deliver it to your desired destination.

Returns to e-Shops

Wrong order?
Returns are now a piece of cake!
Visit the nearest Clever Point location and we’ll take care of sending your package back to the eShop you made the purchase from.

Why choose Clever Point?

Clever Point network has been designed with key features to provide consumers with flexibility and convenience

290+ Clever Points

Carefully selected locations, courteous partners, right next to you, ready to assist you

Extended Operating Hours

Όλα μας τα σημεία, λειτουργούν σε διευρυμένο ωράριο. Με αυτό τον τρόπο μπορείς να στείλεις ή να παραλάβεις ή το δέμα σου, όποια ώρα της ημέρας θέλεις από νωρίς το πρωί έως το βράδυ

Instant notifications via SMS/Email

We take care to promptly notify you via SMS/Email about all the actions related to your pickups/shipments. (e.g., arrival of shipment at the point, etc.)

Fast & Flexible Service

Clever Point locations are convenience stores, which means you’ll be served promptly and effortlessly, without queues and waiting!

Consumer opinions about our services

The flexibility offered by our network is reflected in the satisfaction and feedback of consumers who choose to be served by a Clever Point!

Clever Points

Increase in foot traffic to our stores

1.000.000 +
Parcel deliveries

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Clever Point exist?

Clever Point network counts 290+ active points available to serve you!

Is Clever Point a courier company?

Clever Point is NOT a courier company.
We do not handle any parcels to and from the points. All parcels to the points are handled by the courier company partnered with each eShop.
The transportation of parcels from the Clever Point network is managed by selected partners.”

Why should i choose a Clever Point?

Clever Point network is designed for the optimal service of consumers.
Service is provided during extended hours, and you have the flexibility to schedule when you want to pick up or send your parcel.
Additionally, you don’t need to wait for the courier to come to your location to deliver or pick up your shipment.